Klamath Bird Observatory, on behalf of the Klamath-Siskiyou Oak Network, is seeking bids for a meeting facilitator to support strategic planning efforts. The facilitator will lead 12 monthly meetings and an additional public forum starting in February 2018.

To apply: Please send cover letter, resume, initial cost bid, and 3 references to Jacob McNab (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 541‐201‐0866 ext.4#). Applications should be received no later than February 9. For inquiries about the consulting position call John Alexander at 541-890-7067.

Facilitator description. Facilitate strategic planning that will focus restoration efforts of the Klamath- Siskiyou Oak Network (KSON). Guide a Technical Advisory Committee through a series of exercises that will inform the development of a Strategic Action Plan. The Facilitator's primary responsibilities will be to guide discussions and consolidate meeting notes into take-home messages. The facilitator will work with the Strategic Action Plan Technical Author and KSON Coordinator to ensure products from facilitated meetings inform the development of a Strategic Action Plan that follows Open Standards for Conservation.

Facilitator Scope of Work

  • Project Planning with Technical Author and KSON Coordinator (early February)
  • Project Planning follow-up (review relevant materials and develop outline for meetings)
  • Facilitate 12 monthly meetings (February 2018 through February 2019)
  • Meeting preparation with Technical Author and KSON Coordinator
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Develop and deliver meeting products

Desired qualifications, knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Completed Meeting Facilitator training
  • Experienced as a team leader involved with decision-making meetings
  • Skilled in basic engagement and meeting facilitation
  • Conducts meetings in a respectful manner that promotes and encourages the participation of each person attending
  • Able to be objective and decline to facilitate in any case where objectivity cannot be maintained
  • Knowledgeable about ecological conservation issues, challenges, and planning processes
  • Enjoy leading and guiding others
  • Self-confidence to speak in front of large groups of people
  • Self-control to avoid being defensive when criticized
  • Ability to act as a guide to help move people through a process together
  • Ability to shape a process of how people arrive at consensus in order to meet their common goals
  • Maintain objectivity and neutrality during debates

Supervision. The Facilitator will be supervised and assisted by the KSON Coordinator who has an established and trusted relationship with the Technical Advisory Committee.

Strategic Plan. The final product of this project will be a Strategic Action Plan that uses Open Standards for Conservation to strengthen our ability to achieve ecological outcomes significant to the state of Oregon, outcomes which are critical to reverse declining trends of oak-associated plants and wildlife. The Strategic Action Plan will serve as a road map for oak habitat restoration actions and will establish short, medium, and long term goals to achieve our ecological outcomes over the entire southern Oregon landscape. The Technical Author and KSON Coordinator will write the strategic plan using information gathered by the facilitator during strategic planning meetings.

Klamath-Siskiyou Oak Network (KSON). KSON has a history of implementing multi-million dollar investments with a programmatic approach to oak woodland conservation. KSON has a Steering Committee consisting of 11 members who represent core partners: Bureau of Land Management, Klamath Bird Observatory, Lomakatsi Restoration Project, Natural Resources Conservation Service, The Nature Conservancy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and US Forest Service (USFS). Through KSON, these agencies and organizations have formed a high-performing partnership with a proven track record of partnership building, landowner engagement, on-the-ground restoration, monitoring, and adaptive management focused exclusively on oak conservation and restoration.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC will be made up of KSON Steering Committee members plus a few additional invitees (invited to serve on a full time basis or based on specific meeting topics and tasks). TAC members will contribute roughly one month of time over eighteen months to participate in meetings, accomplish specific tasks, and review draft documents.

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