2014 KBO Banding Interns

The KBO Banding interns did a great job and made significant contributions to KBO's long-term bird monitoring program while receiving expert instruction and mentorship in applied conservation science techniques.

Pictured from left to right are Chris Taft (Washington state), Stephanie Loredo (Oregon), Aracely Camacho (Mexico), Robert Frey (KBO Research Biologist), Alexis Diaz (Peru), Kaitlin Clark (Michigan), Kendall Norcott (Washington state), and Lucia Fernandez (Virginia).

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2014 KBO Trinity Interns

Klamath Bird Observatory's 2014 Trinity River field interns are collecting data on bird abundance and nesting to gauge the quality of restored riverside habitat as new plantings grow and re-vegetate the river banks. The idea is that the presence of a diverse and successfully reproducing bird community will indicate high quality streamside habitat that is likely to support healthy populations of other wildlife as well.

Pictured here from left to right are Rael Hodges, Kasha Malling, Allison Salas, Stephen Harris, Lindsay Wagner, and KBO Staff and Crew Leader Ellie Armstrong.

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2013 KBO Trinity Interns

Klamath Bird Observatory’s 2013 Trinity Interns monitored birds in habitats along the Trinity River in northwestern California. Our dedicated interns mapped the territories of songbirds, conducted vegetation surveys, and searched for and then monitored bird nests to evaluate reproductive success of birds in these habitats. Klamath Bird Observatory partners with the Trinity River Restoration Program and uses birds as ecological indicators of restoration success.

Pictured here, from left to right, are Nathan Trimble, Lauren Granger, Sarah Rockwell (KBO Research Biologist), Ellie Armstrong, David Lumpkin, and Tomás Setubal.

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2012 KBO Trinity Interns

KBO's 2012 Trinity River Interns conducted bird monitoring to support KBO's work using birds as indicators of restoration success for the Trinity River Restoration Program in northwestern California. Pictured here, from left to right, are Tonya Del'Acqua, Ian Ausprey (KBO Biologist), Jenna Curtis, Laura Victoria Londoño (Colombia), Celeste Santos (Perú), and John Pulliam.

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2012 KBO Banding Interns

In 2012, KBO had a motivated and professional group of banding interns. We are proud of their hard work and accomplishments, and we wish them well as they go forth into the world of bird conservation. Seven of our banders achieved certification from the North American Banding Council at the Bander level, and three of these went on to achieve the rigorous Trainer certification.

Pictured from left to right are Celeste Santos (Peru), Mitch Walters, Sara Estrada (Costa Rica), Rachelle McLaughlin, John Pulliam, Tori Swift, and Brandt Thibodeaux. (Not pictured: Luis Morales [Mexico] and Andres Henao [Colombia].)

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