2011 Interns

In 2011, KBO interns contributed to a variety of research and monitoring efforts throughout the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion and the state of Oregon.

2011 KBO Banding Crew (pictured above)Todd Alleger, Amy Beich, David Hodkinson (UK), Rachel Kilby (UK), Jorge Leitón (Costa Rica), Erin Rowan, Caleb Walker (Trinidad and Tobago)

2011 KBO Aquatic Bird Monitoring Interns: Cecily Douglas, Keeandra Rodriguez, Tricia Rossettie

Quercus and Aves: Kate Halstead (Oregon State University)

2010-2011 Research and Monitoring Intern: Jeff O'Connell

2011-2012 Research and Monitoring Intern: Jenna Cu

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