John Alexander, PhD, Executive Director

As Klamath Bird Observatory co-founder, John works with KBO’s Board of Directors, Research Advisor, Science Director, Outreach and Science Communications Specialist, and Executive Administrator overseeing all aspects of the organization's efforts.

John has been working to integrate bird conservation with natural resource management in the Pacific Northwest since 1992.  He is focused on applying bird conservation science as a tool for advancing ecosystem conservation regionally, nationally, and internationally. His expertise includes participatory action research; ecological monitoring and research using standard bird and habitat sampling techniques; the use of scientific results for overcoming land stewardship challenges; and the development of applied science tools and teaching materials for natural resource management professionals, community members, and students of all ages.

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Jaime Stephens Bio 72dpi 4.2x6.2Jaime Stephens, MS, Science Director

Jaime oversees implementation of KBO’s long-term monitoring and applied ecological research programs.  Through this position, she works with diverse partners to integrate bird conservation within land management processes, specifically designing studies through the adaptive management framework and delivering results through multiple products and mechanisms.  Her recent work has focused on wildfire and fuel reduction, oak woodlands, and riparian systems, while working with interdisciplinary teams to guide on-the-ground actions and evaluate short- and long-term ecological change.

Jaime joined KBO in spring of 2002 as a Master’s student at Southern Oregon University, where she completed a thesis comparing the effects of various timber harvest prescriptions on songbirds.  She earned her BS in Zoology and Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Jaime is the Chair of the Partners in Flight Western Working Group and an active member of Oregon-Washington Partners in Flight Chapter. 

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Robert Frey, Research Biologist

As the Banding Project Coordinator, Bob manages KBO’s network of long-term banding stations and our banding training program.

Bob  joined Klamath Bird Observatory in 2003 as a Staff Biologist.  He has banded birds and trained bird banders throughout the Americas since 1993.  He graduated from Humboldt State University in 2003 with a B.S. in Wildlife Management & Conservation.  He is an active member of the North American Banding Council, serving on the Evaluations, International, and Training committees.

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Sarah Rockwell, PhD, Research Biologist

Sarah manages KBO's bird monitoring work on the Trinity River Restoration Program in northwestern California. The goal of this research is to determine how changes in habitat structure associated with river restoration are related to bird abundance, diversity, and demography. Results are used to inform and assess riparian restoration activities, using birds as indicators of a functional riparian ecosystem.

Sarah joined KBO in 2013 after completing her doctorate at the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, where she studied the ecology of the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler. She earned her B.A. in Biology and Environmental Studies in 2002 from Kalamazoo College, in her home state of Michigan.

Sarah has worked on many avian research projects, with field sites in such picturesque locations as Hawai’i, Venezuela, northern Arizona, central California, the South Carolina Low Country, and northern Michigan.

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Jared Wolfe, PhD, Post-doc

Jared has operated bird banding stations throughout the Western Hemisphere and Africa for academic, non-profit, governmental, and private organizations. He received his BS and MS from Humboldt State University, is a Costa Rica Bird Observatories scientific advisor, Bluebonnet Bird Monitoring Project founder and director, NABC certified trainer and current NABC board member serving as a trainer-at-large, permitted master bander in the USA and Brazil, and completed his PhD at Louisiana State University studying landscape demography and genetics of Amazonian birds in Brazil. Additionally, Jared regularly coordinates bird monitoring and statistical workshops in the USA, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil. Jared’s affiliation with KBO has been long and fruitful, resulting in multiple scientific publications focused on migratory and resident bird demography as well as the influence of climate on migratory bird condition, molt patterns and novel ageing systems for tropical birds.

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Caitlyn Gillespie 72 ppi 3 x 4Caitlyn joined KBO in August 2016 to assist with ongoing research, including the oak habitat conservation and species distribution modeling projects. She received her MS degree in applied ecology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2015, where her thesis work focused on understanding how and at what scale land-use change in prairie wetland systems influences stopover behavior of migratory shorebirds. After completing her degree Caitlyn continued to work at UNL developing research communication materials for a diversity of both scientific and non-scientific audiences. Originally from Iowa, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Knox College in Illinois and has spent time working as a field technician on a number of avian ecology research projects across the US.

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Ellie Armstrong, BS, Field and Data Manager

Ellie helps manage KBO’s data and assists in organizing and running multiple projects during the field season including; the Trinity River project, the Point Count field season and Citizen Science effort. Ellie also helps manage and create contact for eBird Northwest, a regional portal of the international eBird website.
Ellie started as a KBO intern in April 2013 when she joined the field crew for the Trinity River Restoration Program. The Trinity Field Crew uses research methodologies such as nest searching/monitoring and spot mapping for five focal bird species along the Trinity River in northern California. Ellie graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2010 with a BSc in Environmental Studies and an emphasis in Biology. Before coming to KBO she worked as an Environmental Educator teaching middle and grade school students at the Siskiyou Field Institute, as well as a bird banding intern in The Bahamas.

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Jacob joined KBO in September of 2016 after moving to Ashland from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. He wears many hats as the Office Administrator, including assisting the Executive Director.
Jacob received a BA in Economics from the University of California, Davis in 2015. He also studied environmental and wildlife science on the side as ecology has always been a strong interest of his. Following his experience as office assistant at a Bay Area biotech start up, Jacob looks forward to contributing to the success of KBO and bird conservation.
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