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Klamath Bird Observatory achieves bird conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the migratory ranges of the birds of our region. We developed our award-winning science-based model in the ruggedly beautiful and wildlife-rich Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion of southern Oregon and northern California. Emphasizing high caliber science and the role of birds as indicators we specialize in cost-effective bird monitoring and research projects that improve natural resource management. Also, recognizing that conservation occurs across many fronts, we nurture a conservation ethic in our communities through our outreach and educational programs.

Window Collisions

Millions of birds die each year in the United States from colliding with windows. This hadout provides information about how to reduce bird collisions with windows.

Some birds simply become stunned as a result of a window collision. If you suspect that a bird has become stunned from hitting the window or wall, put it in a shoebox with holes and a soft towel. Then, carefully open the box and see if the bird can safely fly away.

If the bird is more seriously injured, contact your local wildlife rehabber.  CLICK HERE for a list of Oregon rehabbersCLICK HERE for a list of California rehabbers

CLICK HERE to download KBO's flyer Reducing Bird Collisions with Windows.

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