KBO K-12 Education Overview

The Klamath Bird Observatory’s K-12 education resources build upon our regional science programs and international conservation science initiatives to help educators meet learning objectives and academic standards while providing engaging, interactive, and place-based lessons for young learners. These tools help students learn about birds as indicators of resilient ecosystems through science inquiry, interdisciplinary activities, and participation in citizen science projects. Our educational materials also address broad topics including math, language arts, geography, social science, policy, and stewardship.


KBO Curriculum Library

We are excited to share our curriculum that has been developed over a decade of KBO education programming. Use our searchable database to find interdisciplinary lesson plans, student worksheets, presentations and learning materials. You will find a wide array of inspiring, hands-on lessons for Kindergarten students through 12th graders. Enjoy!

Note: We recommend downloading and saving materials before printing. 

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Fall 2014 Programming

This fall, the Rogue Valley Audubon Society  and Klamath Bird Observatory are proud to present education programming for elementary and middle school classrooms. Naturalist and educator, Jeanine Moy, will lead students in the classroom and to local natural areas for inquisitive, hands-on learning about the natural world. This programming will provide students with an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of birds. Students will also gain a deeper sense of place through learning about local ecosystems and local land issues. We are excited to get young learners inspired and outside!

If you have questions or would like to schedule a class visit, contact Jeanine (jeaninemoy AT gmail.com).


Education Kits

Here you will find organized packages of lesson plans that have been specifically designed for the birds and habitats in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion. These kits provide placed-based, science, and natural resources lesson plans to encourage the study and conservation of local birds and habitats.

Each lesson plan provides background information, clear procedures, teacher tips, supplementary extensions, fun fact side panels, and other field trip ideas. The lesson plans are aligned to Academic Standards. Student journal sheets are provided with each lesson to advance critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills. Journal sheets from each lesson can be collated into personalized journal booklets that allow  students to share their outdoor learning experiences with family and friends.

Klamath Basin Birding Trail Education Kit

Klamath Basin Birding Trail Education Kit - Crater Lake Edition

Klamath Basin Birding Trail Education Kit - Lava Beds Edition

Klamath Basin Birding Trail Education Kit - Basin and Range Edition

Klamath National Forest Educator's Kit

Rogue River - Siskiyou National Forest Educator's Kit

Fremont - Winema National Forest Educator's Kit


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