Klamath Basin Birding Trail Education Kit

To accompany the curriculum below are kits containing all of the necessary resources for these lessons.  Four complete physical kits (with identical content) are available from OSU Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center in Klamath Falls for local teachers, non-formal educators, and community members to use. To check out a kit for up to two weeks, call 541-883-7131. Essentially, you should be able to pick a lesson plan and have all the information you need without additional research.

Klamath Basin Birding Trail Kit Introduction

Lesson Plans: What is a Bird?

Lesson Plans: Birding and Studying Birds

Lesson Plans: Bird Conservation

Student Journals corresponding with each KBBT lesson

Teacher Answer Keys corresponding with each KBBT student journal

Appendix A: Additional Books and Websites

Appendix B: Field Trip Checklist

Appendix C: Science Standards

Appendix D: Glossary

Other Resources

Common Birds of Klamath Basin Field Guide Sheet

Common Birds of Klamath Basin Flash Cards

This kit was designed by Klamath Bird Observatory educators with support from Klamath Wingwatchers, Inc., Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center and Klamath County teachers.  Funding for curriculum development, teacher training, and resources was provided by a Klamath County Title III Forest Education Grant.  Photographic images used throughout curriculum and resources were donated by Southern Oregon resident, Jim Livaudais.

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