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Klamath Bird Observatory achieves bird conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the ranges of our migratory birds. Emphasizing high-caliber science and the role of birds as indicators, we inform and improve natural resource management. Recognizing that conservation occurs across many fronts, we also nurture an environmental ethic through community outreach and education. We owe our success to committed donors, volunteers, staff, and partners who demonstrate that each of us can contribute to a legacy of abundant bird populations and healthy land, air, and water.

Helping Birds Along the Way

IMBD 2017 Poster 72ppi 2.7xXKlamath Bird Observatory’s Mountain Bird Conservation Fundraiser is an International Bird Day Event.  The International Bird Day theme, heling birds along the way, recognizes the importance of stopover sites and their habitats.

When birds migrate between nesting and wintering sites, they don’t just stop anywhere; they rely on a handful of resource-rich and strategically located sites where they may double their body weight as they acquire the energy-rich fat stores needed to fly thousands of kilometers across continents and oceans. In our region the Upper Klamath Basin serves as a critical staging area for migrating waterfowl, and throughout the Klamath Siskiyou Bioregion riparian habitats along lakes, river, and streams provide important stopover habitat for migratory songbirds. By supporting Klamath Bird Observatory you support the science that drives conservation for migratory birds and their stopover habitats.

The Art -- As birds journey between breeding and non-breeding sites, International Migratory Bird Day 2017 will celebrate the importance of the places and habitats where they stop to rest and refuel. The art created to represent this event features 11 migratory bird species. Some, such as the Wood Thrush, fly over 2,500 miles (4,000 km) between Central and South America where they winter to the U.S. and Canada, where they will nest and raise young. Let's help them along the way!


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Copyright (c) 2017 Klamath Bird Observatory. Image credits: Jim Livaudais, Gary Bloomfield, and many contributing artists.