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Klamath Bird Observatory achieves bird conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the ranges of our migratory birds. Emphasizing high-caliber science and the role of birds as indicators, we inform and improve natural resource management. Recognizing that conservation occurs across many fronts, we also nurture an environmental ethic through community outreach and education. We owe our success to committed donors, volunteers, staff, and partners who demonstrate that each of us can contribute to a legacy of abundant bird populations and healthy land, air, and water.

Jared Wolfe, PhD


Jared has operated bird banding stations throughout the Western Hemisphere and Africa for academic, non-profit, governmental, and private organizations.

He received his BS and MS from Humboldt State University, is a Costa Rica Bird Observatories scientific advisor, Bluebonnet Bird Monitoring Project founder and director, NABC certified trainer and current NABC board member serving as a trainer-at-large, permitted master bander in the USA and Brazil, and completed his PhD at Louisiana State University studying landscape demography and genetics of Amazonian birds in Brazil. Additionally, Jared regularly coordinates bird monitoring and statistical workshops in the USA, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil. Jared’s affiliation with KBO has been long and fruitful, resulting in multiple scientific publications focused on migratory and resident bird demography as well as the influence of climate on migratory bird condition, molt patterns and novel ageing systems for tropical birds.


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