2010 KBO Interns

During the 2010 field season, KBO interns contributed to a variety of research and monitoring efforts throughout the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion and the state of Oregon.

Illinois Valley Nest Searching Crew

Micah Yarbrough
Scott Clayman


Banding Crew

Daphne Swope-Senior Intern/Banding Crew Leader
Carl Fitzjames (Trinidad and Tobago)
Natalie Morales Garcia (Colombia)
Daniel Lee
Andres Henao Murillo (Colombia)
Diego Garcia Olechea (Peru-Park Flight)
Catalina Gonzalez Prieto (Colombia)
Scott Clayman
Sarah Moore
Erin Rowan
Jason Minne

Aquatics Crew

Becky McLemore

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