kson logo 72dpi reducedThe Klamath Siskiyou Oak Network (KSON) is a collaborative regional partnership. Our mission is to conserve oak habitats on private and public lands in southern Oregon and northern California. 


KSON Resources

private landowner oak guide coverRestoring Oak Habitats in Southern Oregon and Northern California: A Guide for Private Landowners describes how to apply conservation practices for Oregon white oak and California black oak habitats on private lands in southern Oregon and northern California. The document first discusses the importance and history of oak habitats and then provides detailed conservation guidelines for oak habitat restoration. Also, the guide includes supplemental resources for the restorationminded private landowner, including a list of organizations that will assist with private lands restoration as well as step-by-step instructions for monitoring birds on your land to track the return of wildlife following oak restoration activities.

land managers guide oaks coverLand Manager's Guide to Oak Ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest provides an overview of oak ecosystems and discusses threats to these environments with focus on the habitat relationships between birds and oak habitats.




Prairie oaks and people 72ppi 5xX

Prairie, Oaks and People – A Conservation Business Plan to Revitalize the Prairie-Oak Habitats of the Pacific Northwest is a conservation strategy to help conserve oak woodlands and native prairies from northern California to British Columbia.  It outlines outlines the case for long-term investments that will restore a signature feature of the region’s historic landscape.  The oak restoration project KSON has been working on at Table Rocks is one of the projects features in the companion profile projects supplement.

RCPP handout imageFor landowners in our focal region interested in learning more about funding oak restoration projects on private property, see the current handout with background and contact information about current programs.


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