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Alexander, J. D., N. E. Seavy, C. J. Ralph, and B. Hogoboom. 2006. “Vegetation and Topographical Correlates of Fire Severity from Two Fires in the Klamath-Siskiyou Region of Oregon and California.” International Journal of Wildland Fire 15 (2): 237–45.

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———. 2014. “Songbird Response to Wildfire in Mixed-Conifer Forest in South-Western Oregon.” International Journal of Wildland Fire 23: 246–58.
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Wolfe, J. D., P. C. Stouffer, K. Mokross, L. L. Powell, and M. M. Anciães. 2015. “Island vs. Countryside Biogeography: An Examination of How Amazonian Birds Respond to Forest Clearing and Fragmentation.” Ecosphere 6 (12): art295.

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