Forest Conservation Projects

Ashland Forest Resiliency Project

The Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project is designed to reduce the risk of severe wildfire in the Ashland Watershed while protecting ecological integrity.  KBO is studying the effects of density management (i.e., fuel reduction using commercial harvest techniques) on birds and their habitats as part of a multi-party monitoring project. KBO has been implementing monitoring in the Ashland Watershed since 2005 and baseline results show a diverse coniferous forest bird community.  In 2012, we initiated a new study design and collected a single year of pre-treatment data.  We will revisit the same sites following treatment to assess changes in the bird community and the effectiveness of density management in reaching desired ecological conditions.

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Copyright (c) 2017 Klamath Bird Observatory. Image credits: Jim Livaudais, Gary Bloomfield, and many contributing artists.