Kristen Mancuso, PhD Candidate


Kristen Mancuso bio (72ppi 4x)
Kristen Mancuso is a PhD Candidate at the University of British Columbia Okanagan and in partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada. Her project aims to learn more about the migration ecology of the Yellow-breasted Chat and Gray Catbird. She is using geolocators, GPS tags, and hydrogen stable isotopes to link birds between summer breeding sites to overwintering sites. Kristen is
also analyzing Yellow-breasted Chat feathers to assess stress levels and mercury contamination.
Klamath Bird Observatory is a major collaborator in her research as they work together to retrieve geolocators and collect chat feathers during banding operations. Klamath Bird Observatory also assists in facilitating sampling chats from overwintering populations in western Mexico via San Pancho Bird Observatory.