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Jared Wolfe, PhD

Jared Wolfe bio (72ppi 4x)KBO Research Associate Dr. Jared Wolfe received his BS and MS from Humboldt State University. He completed his Ph.D. at Louisiana State University studying landscape demography of Amazonian birds. Dr. Wolfe is a science advisor for Costa Rica Bird Observatories, co-founder of the Louisiana Bird Observatory, North American Banding Council (NABC) certified trainer, and current NABC board member serving as a trainer-at-large, and a permitted master bander in the USA and Brazil. He regularly coordinates bird monitoring and statistical workshops in the USA, Costa Rica, Peru, and Brazil. Dr. Wolfe is an Assistant Professor at Michigan Tech University.
Jared’s affiliation with KBO has been long and fruitful, resulting in multiple scientific publications focused on migratory and resident bird demography as well as the influence of climate on migratory bird condition, molt patterns and novel ageing systems for tropical birds.
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