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Josée Rousseau, PhD Candidate


Josee Rousseau bio (72ppi 4x)
Josée’s partnership with KBO started in 2004, after fledgling from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Starting as an intern for the Redwood Sciences Laboratory, her position led her to become the Humboldt Bay Bird Observatory Program Manager under the KBO umbrella.
She is certified as a North American Banding Council (NABC) Trainer and is the co-chair of the NABC Certification committee. She also received a GIS and Remote Sensing Certificate from Humboldt State University, California. 
Her experience with GIS and databases allowed her to participate in several projects from archiving banding and point count data into the Avian Knowledge Network, to mapping offshore bird surveys and estimating their density. She also participated in several projects for the Western Hummingbird Partnership.
Josée is currently a PhD candidate at Oregon State University. She is interested in bird population dynamics across landscapes and their interactions with the environment, with the ultimate goal of improving conservation outcomes.
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