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Luis Morales


Luis Morales bio (72ppi 4x)
Luis is a marine biologist with training in coral reef ecology who decided that birds were better elements of nature to connect people with nature. He has over 20 years of experience guiding nature tours and the last 12 years mostly birdwatching trips. Luis is currently the Director and co-founder of the San Pancho Bird Observatory, a conservation initiative born within the Western Working Group of Partners in Flight (PIF) in 2011.
During the summer of 2012 Luis participated at KBO´s bird-banding internship program. Over the last years Luis has collaborated with KBO in multiple international partnerships for conservation including the elaboration of PIF´s Conservation Business (Investment) Plans, an innovative capacity-building project through Rotary International Foundation, a trinational partnership for Yellow-breasted Chat (Icteria virens) with Environment and Climate Change Canada, University of British Columbia Okanagan as well as University of Guadalajara and several other local partners.
The San Pancho Bird Observatory has also become a strong connection for more Mexican students and conservationist to attend KBO´s bird banding internships as well as for engaging in tropical bird banding and materializing our full life-cycle conservation efforts.
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