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Cydne Jensen

Cydne and husband, Mike, arrived in Ashland in 2003 from Menlo Park, California. She retired in 2009 after a 35 year career as a Technical writer and editor, followed by four years as a part-time copy editor at Blackstone Audio. She first volunteered with the Mountain Bird festival, and soon thereafter had the good fortune to discover KBO’s wonderful “talk and walk” community education classes. She became a member in 2011. She inherited her love of nature and birds from her Mom. She enjoys being outdoors in all seasons and loves to watch and observe all wildlife in their natural habitat. Cydne is an enthusiastic birder and bird photographer. She also enjoys poetry, art, reading, travel, theatre, and volunteer work in the community. She loves spending time with her husband, friends and family and chocolate lab, Emma. She is honored to be a member of KBO’s board of directors and to be an advocate for birds and habitat conservation.

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