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BJ Matzen

BJ Matzen joined the KBO Board in 2010.  A lifelong resident of Oregon, he considers himself a product of Eastern Oregon, even though he was born in Portland.  BJ grew up on a ranch in Izee, which is in the valley of the south fork of the John Day River, 50 miles southwest of the city of John Day.

BJ earned bachelors degrees at OSU in Fish & Game and Animal Science, and a law degree from Willamette University.  He began his law practice in John Day, but has been practicing in Klamath Falls since 1972 with the exception of 4 years in The Dalles in the late 1980’s.

BJ was a charter member of the Klamath Basin Audubon Society and incorporator of Klamath Wingwatchers, a non profit organization dedicated to public education regarding Klamath Basin wildlife and wetland habitats.  He has served as the president of each group a number of times.  BJ enjoys the interaction of birds and their habitat, which is why he was drawn to KBO. His mantra is “Educate, don’t Litigate.”

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