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About KBO

KBO Interns

KBO’s long-running Internship Program has provided invaluable opportunities for young professionals in the science and education fields through expert instruction, mentorship, and practical experience. Our interns have made significant contributions to KBO’s science and education programs.

2021 Interns

Banding Program Nolan Clements Victor Armando Sanchez Gonzalez Molly Heal Sam Webb Vesper Sparrow Project  Mackenzie Morgan

2019 Interns

Banding Program Martin Lopez Aguilar (Mexico) Segio Gomez Villaverde (Mexico) Clare Fastiggi Erin Betancourt Alexis Sosa Rachel Voss Brian Tsuru Robert Vargas Vesper Sparrow Program Nik Kronick   Events Development Elva Manquera

2018 Interns

Banding Program Said Quintero Felix (Mexico) Jelicsa Peña Giron (Peru) Lorraine “Mamo” Waianuhea Ricky Murphy Alex Flores Lauren Hill Edder Antunez Tania Romero   Events Development Elva Manquera

2017 Interns

Banding Program Martin Lopez Aguilar (Mexico) Gemma Green (New Zealand) Eric Cannizzaro Christine Rholl Aranya Iyer (Canada) Nathan Trimble Claire Nemes

Previous-Year Interns

Klamath Bird Observatory has been hosting interns since 1996. Several have returned for permanent work at KBO or moved on to other amazing things.