2012 Interns

Banding Program
Carl Fitzjames, Jr (Trinidad and Tobago)
Celeste Santos Apolonario (Peru)
John Pulliam
Andres Henao Murillo (Colombia)
Brandt Thibodeaux
Luis Morales (Mexico)
Rachelle McLaughlin
Sara Estrada Vaglio (Costa Rica)
Tori Swift
Mitchell Walters
2012 banding interns (72ppi 4x) 
Trinity River Restoration Project
Celeste Santos Apolonario (Peru)
John Pulliam
Laura Victoria Londono Duque (Colombia)
Tonya Rose Dell'acqua
Jenna Curtis
2012 trinityinterns (72ppi 4x) 
Data Management
Jenna Curtis
Jeanine Moy
Rael Allen 

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