Jaime Stephens, MS


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As Science Director, Jaime oversees KBO’s long-term monitoring and applied ecological research programs. She works closely with staff to design, implement, and deliver conservation relevant science. Jaime collaborates with a diverse suite of partners
to inform resource management strategies and conservation actions that improve outcomes for birds and ecosystems.
Personally, her recent work has focused on oak woodland restoration in the Klamath Siskiyou Bioregion and across the Pacific Northwest. At the local level she contributes to an interdisciplinary team to guide on-the-ground actions and evaluate short- and long-term ecological change, a partnership which was awarded the USDI Partners in Conservation Award. She recently co-authored a business plan to revitalize the prairie-oak habitats across the Pacific Northwest. Jaime is also involved with a number of studies focused on timber harvest, fuel reduction and wildfire, riparian and wetland restoration, and full life cycle research for species of concern.
Jaime has twenty years of experience working in ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. She earned her BS in Zoology and Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She joined KBO in spring of 2002 as a Master’s student at Southern Oregon University, where she completed a thesis comparing the effects of various timber harvest prescriptions on forest interior songbirds. She is an active member and past Chair of the Partners in Flight Western Working Group. 

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