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Samantha Webb

FIELD TECHNICIAN Sam joined KBO in January 2023 as part of the Point-Count program to assist in project support and conducting field surveys for KBO’s long-term avian monitoring project. In 2020 she graduated from Portland State University with a BS in Biology, where she focused on avian ecology and wildlife conservation. Sam first joined KBO in 2021 as part of a project working with Oregon Vesper sparrows and earned her NABC Bander certification through KBO’s banding program. Since then, Sam’s work has led her across the US as she spent 2022 working on conservation efforts for endangered Golden-cheeked warblers in central Texas, determining the nesting success of Nelson’s sparrows in coastal Maine, and conducting avian and marine life research on the Farallon Islands of California. Sam is excited to be part of the KBO team and to aid in their ongoing conservation efforts and avian monitoring projects.

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