Stephanie Loredo, MS


Stephanie Loredo joined KBO in December, 2020 to assist in carrying out the point count program and support staff in the field. She also supports data management, study design, and report writing for other programs. She obtained her Master’s degree in Wildlife Science at Oregon State University in 2018. Stephanie studied the foraging activity, movement, and habitat-use of Common Murres in the California Current System using satellite transmitters coupled with dive sensors. She determined marine areas of high-use and linked murre locations with co-occurring environmental data to determine behavior-specific habitat-use during varying life-stages. After her graduate studies, Stephanie worked in a variety of wildlife projects including tracking studies on ravens, cormorants, and sage-grouses, songbird nest-monitoring and point counts in eastern Oregon, and pioneering new ground and arboreal protocols for detecting and monitoring Red Tree Vole nests on the Oregon Coast Range. Stephanie was a banding intern with KBO in 2014 and is excited to back as a permanent technician. Stephanie is strongly interested in learning more about the migration and ecology of the songbird communities in Oregon, protecting birds and their habitats, and engaging in community outreach and education.

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