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2018 KBO Banding Workshop a Fun Success!

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KBO hosted the 2018 Fundamentals of Bird Banding Workshop at our Upper Klamath Lake Field Station August 6-10. Biologists from near and far—California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Nicaragua, the Marianas Islands, and Spain (!)—joined KBO’s banding team for four days of interactive hands-on instruction and afternoon seminars. Topics ranged from safe mist net use in capturing small birds to age- and sex-determination techniques in this the North American Banding Council-sanctioned training workshop. The fantastic group took the “work” out of workshop and made it all a lot of fun! Most of the group now bring new knowledge and sharpened skills to their ongoing banding projects.

Proceeds from the workshop help fund our long-term monitoring and student volunteer internship programs. KBO has hosted bird banding workshops at our Upper Klamath Lake Field Station for over 20 years—an important component of our professional education program.

CLICK HERE to learn more about KBO’s Professional Education Program.