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A New Citizen Science Opportunity

Klamath Bird Observatory and The Selberg Institute recently completed a successful year-long citizen science project on the beautiful Sampson Creek Preserve just east of Ashland. This work would not have been completed without a group of dedicated citizen scientists who spent many mornings birding the property. During the year 119 species were detected on 105 eBird checklists, with Acorn Woodpecker being the most detected species. Though this project is coming to a close we are excited to announce a new citizen science project on the Grizzly Peak Preserve.

This project offers something for all birders and outdoor enthusiasts. Participants will have the choice to bird on fairly flat terrain walking less than two miles through meadows and oak trees or for more adventurous birders to explore off-trail along a gradient of different habitats. The project will take place on a large parcel of private property along the slopes of Grizzly Peak, with survey locations starting just minutes outside of the city of Ashland boundary and continuing up Shale City road. The Preserve is in the foothills of the Cascades and holds a variety of oak habitats as well as coniferous forests and riparian woodlands. The Preserve is a terrific spot for birding and will give the public a unique opportunity to visit and bird in diverse habitats managed for conservation.

Citizen Scientists will be trained on a simple protocol to learn how to collect data, and the opportunity for monthly surveys will continue throughout the year. If you enjoy looking for owls, you are in luck as well. This project will also include two guided night surveys to inventory the local owl population. Participation in surveys will include some walking and/or hiking, recording all birds observed by sight and/or sound, and entering and submitting your findings into eBird Northwest. With this project we aim to complete a robust inventory for the bird species on the Grizzly Peak Preserve by harnessing the power of Citizen Scientists to collect robust data throughout the breeding, migratory, and winter seasons.

As spring migration is underway surveys are starting at the Grizzly Peak Preserve, if you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact KBO Biologist Ellie Armstrong at