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Animal Nature: A week for great blue herons

Animal Nature: A week for great blue herons, sea lions, bald eagles and liger

028 19 Great Blue Heron 1907

The great blue heron is North America’s largest and most widespread heron, it has also been Portland Oregon’s city bird since 1986.

Every year in Portland heron enthusiasts gather the first week in June for Great Blue Heron Week. Ross Island was known for one long standing heronry, a nest site for herons, which held about 55 nests in adjacent trees. A few years ago a pair of bald eagles moved in, after heron chicks were being taken from the nests the herons moved on to a different location. Other heronries are thriving, holding up to 100 nests. The Klamath Bird Observatory is involved in surveying heronries throughout Oregon to determine the number of breeding adults. To read the full article on Oregon Live click here.