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Birding Bonanza

bb_mailtribune_jaimeluschKlamath Bird Observatory’s inaugural Mountain Bird Festival received coverage through the article “Birding Bonanza” featured on the cover of the Outdoor Section of the Medford Mail Tribune on Friday May 23rd, 2014. The article describes one of the festival’s field trips that has a high likelihood of encountering the magnificent Great Gray Owl. The article also describes the conservation focus of the festival. KBO Executive Director John Alexander is quoted, “Birds are indicators of forest health and indicators of our well-being. Birds tell us a lot about what we can do better with our natural resources.” Festival participants, while birdwatching, will collect a wealth of information on the distributions and abundance of over 100 birds species during the 3-day festival. This information will be entered into eBird Northwest, a regional portal of the eBird program, and this information will provide knowledge that we can use to become better stewards.