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Contemplative Photography — For the Love of Birds

Contemplative photography combined with nature photography can be deeply soul-soothing, educational, and plays an important part in conservation.  It gives details about the appearance or behavior of birds and has resulted in the protection of landscapes and species.  The inspiration for this presentation was William Finley. Finley was a conservation photographer that prompted Roosevelt to set aside land as refuges for birds. Because of his photos of the mass slaughter of herons and egrets, this led to what is now the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

This presentation on February 10th, at 6 pm celebrates the power of photography and our love for birds.  Kirk Gooding selected some of his favorite nature photos and created this series set to music.  After a brief introduction, we ask you to sit back and connect to the sights and sounds created in this presentation. After the slide show, we will look at each photo one by one and discuss the bird or the landscape as a way of learning about places in Oregon to bird, and what you might expect to find.

This online event is free to say thank you for your support of the Klamath Bird Observatory.

About the Photographer and Presenter

Kirk Gooding is an amateur photographer who enjoys being open to the forms and patterns of nature. He especially enjoys his forays with his wife, Shannon Rio, out into the wide, open spaces of their favorite haunts, The Shasta Valley and the Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge: sitting there, watching and listening. Not too long ago while Shannon was volunteering at Badger Run Wildlife Rehab Center they drove weekly for a year to the Refuge after returning home by way of Shasta Valley. Most of the photos in the short montage entitled, Contemplative Photography, were taken during those trips.

Shannon Rio is the board president of the Klamath Bird Observatory because of its work to preserve birds and wild places in nature. She is a wildlife educator with a goal to connect people (and herself) with nature so that they will want to protect what they love. She teaches classes in various settings and also teaches yoga, works as a nurse practitioner, is devoted to family and friends and community, and loves learning anything about the natural world through hiking and birding and sitting quietly observing the wonder of it all.