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Federal Cuts Trim Aftermath Gold Ray Studies

Gold Ray Dam Photo (c) Klamath Bird Observatory

County officials are in search of new funding after the federal budget cuts caused NOAA-fisheries to pull its $275,000 grant. This money was allocated to the final two years of a five year study to monitor the effects on the Rogue River after the 2010 Gold Ray Dam removal. Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board has granted the county $135,385 which will go to aspects of the study where county officials believe there is the most to learn. One of the financial changes affects the Klamath Bird Observatory’s long-term monitoring efforts of the upstream riparian habitat and its bird populations. Jaime Stephens, KBO’s research and monitoring director believes continuing that aspect of the study for several future years would add valuable information about the impact of the dam removal upstream as well as to the riparian restoration work. KBO will seek funding to continue its long-term monitoring efforts. To read this full article in the Mail Tribune click here.