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Forest Education Connects Community with Nature in the Klamath Basin

The Klamath Wingwatchers, Inc. received a Title III grant to help promote education to local residents and out-of-town birders about the extensive Klamath Basin Birding Trail. This trail is a 300 mile self-guided auto tour which leads people to many birding hotspots throughout the Klamath basin. With the help of The Klamath Bird Observatory and OSU Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center, forest education kits were created and used to teach 1,167 participants at after-school programs and field trips throughout 2006. The kits which include Oregon State Standard curriculum, reference materials, binoculars and supplies can be checked out for free and have so far been used by over 4,500 children and adults. To learn more about the Klamath Basin Birding Trail click here to read the full article in the Klamath Wingwatchers, Inc. Newsletter.