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Staying resilient, adaptive, and strong for bird conservation: Klamath Bird Observatory responds to the Covid crisis

We hope that this message finds you, our community, in good health and in safe places during this unprecedented time of Covid-19. We are happy to report that we remain safe and healthy, and will continue to operate in the midst of this pandemic.

Klamath Bird Newsletter 2018 Fall Edition Released

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The 2018 Fall Klamath Bird newsletter is out! This edition looks at new ways KBO’s science is being applied in the world … also new Words on the Wind and Bird Bio features. Look! Come see it all in the 2018 Fall Klamath Bird! Printed newsletters are in the mail to subscribers … CLICK HERE […]

Klamath Bird 2018 Summer Edition

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The 2018 Summer edition of our KLAMATH BIRD newsletter is available at our website. A Field Day Edition! Observations from Our Biologists Afield tells the many tales of KBO’s monitoring and research work in 2018. Also, our upcoming Wings and Wine Gala, a new bird bio, Words on the Wind, and more! Click here to view […]

Klamath Bird newsletter late-Winter 2018 Special Edition Released

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The late-Winter Special Edition Klamath Bird newsletter is out! It’s a close look at KBO’s Community and Professional Education programming. This edition ranges from Klamath Basin birding to migration research in Nayarit, colleagues and partners from Brazil to Ethiopia to New Zealand, and back around to tell our collected education story. There’s also a new […]

One of Our Bird Monitoring Stations is 25 Years Old!

Klamath Bird Observatory’s Pacific Crest Trail #1 (PCT1) long-term bird monitoring station, operated in partnership with Klamath National Forest, turns 25 this May—older than some of this year’s volunteer interns! The station’s resilience was recognized in the latest MAPS Chat—the annual newsletter of the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship Program to which we contribute data […]

Klamath Bird Newsletter 2017 Winter Edition Released

The 2017 Winter Klamath Bird newsletter is hot off the presses! In this issue we look back at the year gone by and ahead to the one before us with Tales from the Field, the Olive-sided Flycatcher: a Bird in Trouble, Mountain Bird Festival news, Words on the Wind, Opening New Doors to Conservation, and […]

For the Birds: Klamath Bird Observatory featured on Immense Possibilities with Jeff Golden

  IP422 – For the Birds from Immense Possibilities on Vimeo.

Klamath Bird Observatory’s Conservation Model

Klamath Bird Observatory’s collaborative conservation planning approach is fueled with results from partner-driven science programs. These science programs use birds as indicators of the healthy and resilient ecosystems on which we all depend. The science involves three coordinated aspects: Long-term monitoring that provides information about broad-scaled changes in the condition of our world; More in-depth […]

Un-feathered Friends of Fuller

The Klamath Bird Observatory‘s Board President Harry Fuller was recently honored for his career in television, which spanned nearly forty years in the San Francisco Bay area. A group of dear friends who are part of Harry’s media cohort started the Harry Fuller Fund; currently over $2500 has been donated in honor of Harry to help […]

Adventures in Education: Klamath Bird Observatory, Part 2