International Capacity Building

By John D Alexander, Klamath Bird Observatory Executive Director

This article is the third installment in the series Achieving Partners in Flight Strategic Goals and Objectives.

With support from the US Forest Service International Programs, Klamath Bird Observatory works to expand international capacities for demographic bird monitoring, increasing Partners in Flight’s ability to support full life cycle conservation and direct bird conservation resources toward the highest priority needs.   Demographic monitoring provides information about reproductive success and survival, information that is necessary for identifying where birds are most threatened within their life cycle.  Our efforts are twofold. First, advanced training is offered at KBO for select international student interns.  Second, sustained support for former international interns who are developing monitoring programs in their home countries is offered through mentorship and logistical backing.  Ongoing efforts involve collaborations in western Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru.  In 2012 five international interns completed training at KBO.  Two of these interns achieved North American Banding Council certification, one at the Trainer Level, and a second at the Bander Level.  KBO affiliate Carl Fitzjames continues to work in Trinidad and Tobago to advance coordinated monitoring in the Caribbean.  In 2012, working with the University of the West Indies, Carl started a constant effort mist netting station in Brasso Seco as well as a project to survey for migrants in the Caroni Swamp.  Luis Morales, a KBO affiliate in western Mexico, is developing the San Pancho Bird Observatory, and has received seed funding for 2013 to host a banding workshop, conduct wintering migratory bird surveys, and commence efforts at a constant effort mist netting station.

Visit the KBO website to learn more about our International Capacity Building Programs.



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