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Just a Few Spots Remaining for The Art of Bird Photography Class this Wednesday!

September 19, Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm at 320 Beach Street in Ashland

Presented by Karl Schneck, nature photographer and KBO board member

Birding and photography have been Karl Schneck’s passions for over 50 years, so it’s a perfect combination for him to photograph birds. Not that long ago, it was difficult to get decent bird photos because many birds are small, move quickly, often in dim light, and difficult to approach. Modern digital photographic equipment has made the task much easier if the basic principles are understood. Along with reviewing different types of equipment for digital bird photography, Karl will go over techniques for getting the pictures and then post-processing them to improve them as your tastes dictate.

His photography is about the birds and first requires the planning of the conditions, such as the light source and direction, wind, and background/foreground. The next step is setting the camera according to the environment and the desired outcome. And finally, the finishing touches with post-processing (Photoshop and others). The goal of the class is to present the options for bird photography and the ways to accomplish your requirements.

Registration for this special class is $20.00 with proceeds going directly to support KBO’s science and education programs. Contact Shannon Rio at or call 541-840-4655 to sign up.