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Migratory Bird Flyway Ambassadors Stopover in Ashland!

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Artwork of the USFWS Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial campaign. The art style, known as “Graffiti Bird,” will be infused into the BirdTrippers website, t-shirts worn by the ambassadors, and other outreach materials.

2016 marks the Centennial of the first Migratory Bird Treaty, the cornerstone of international joint efforts to conserve birds that migrate across the United States and neighboring countries. In celebration of 100 years for this benchmark conservation agreement, Migratory Bird Flyway Ambassadors, are spreading their wings and words following the flyways the great bird migrations this spring. Christian McWilliams and Jean Carlos Rodríguez, interns with Environment for the Americas, are practicing science and education on their northward migration.

The Pacific Flyway Ambassadors have stopped over to roost in Ashland, Oregon this week. They are visiting the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory and Klamath Bird Observatory for exchanges of information about challenges and solutions in bird conservation. They were guests on Jefferson Public Radio’s Jefferson Exchange Wednesday morning … you can listen to their segment here.

Christian and Jean are known as the BirdTrippers and invite everyone to follow their incredible journey through blogs and social media posts as they migrate up the Pacific coast. Their inspiration will be the landscapes and people of National Wildlife Refuges, National Parks and other wildlife hot spots, as well as Urban Bird Treaty Cities, and other large communities. Through their storytelling, they are highlighting extraordinary bird facts, threats and challenges birds face and innovations of thought and design they discover on their journey that are contributing to a brighter future for birds. You can follow Jean here and Christian here.

There are BirdTrippers travelling in all the migration flyways of North America this spring. You can learn more about the Migratory Bird Flyway Ambassadors Program and all the ways you can follow them here. The Migratory Bird Flyway Ambassadors Program is supported by many partners including U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada, National Audubon Society, Environment for the Americas, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and U.S. Forest Service.