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Now LIVE: eBird Northwest!

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Regional birdwatchers and conservationists, rejoice! Observations can now be submitted into eBird Northwest, a new regional portal of eBird.  eBird Northwest will provide users with local and national news stories, helpful resources for bird identification, and opportunities to get involved in citizen science projects, such as:

  • Puget Sound Seabird Survey
  • Klamath-Siskiyou Oak Restoration Monitoring
  • Oregon 2020.

eBird Northwest is serving as the citizen science arm of Avian Knowledge Northwest, an Avian Knowledge Network node that provides information from current and comprehensive datasets on birds and the environment for scientists, natural resource managers, and other individuals interested in conservation science in the northwestern United States.

We hope that eBird Northwest will serve as a useful tool and support the efforts of regional birdwatchers and naturalists.

Click here to view a a copy of the press release announcing the launch of eBird NW.