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One Good Tern…..

Black Tern (c) Jim Livaudais

Four teams of birders, the Old Flickers, Swifts, Falcons and Coots covered Jackson County competing to see as many bird species as possible for the first               Rogue-Valley Birding Challenge. The teams tried to identify as many birds as possible by sight or sound between the hours of 4:00am and 6:00pm. By 10:00am The Swifts were up to 60-some species including the exciting black tern and yellow-headed blackbird seen at Kirtland Ponds. The different teams consist of those whose profession is in ornithology, to wildlife photographer, to retired school teachers but all were equally excited about spotting an uncommon species.

Throughout the United States there are more than 700 bird species seen regularly and about 320 have been recorded in Jackson County. With the teams efforts combined 175 species were reported throughout the county that day with the Swifts at 108, the Old Flickers at 118 and the Coots and Falcons tied for 142 species. To learn more about the species seen click here to read the full article.