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Out of the Mists Come Knowledge of Little-Known Endemics

Out of the Mists Come Knowledge of Little-Known Endemics085 348 Rufous Hummingbird 7048
Costa Rica Bird Observatory (CRBO), one of Klamath Bird Observatory’s partners, was featured in the inflight magazine Nature Landings. The banding effort for the observatory started in 1994 with seven banding sites around Tortuguero, an area long considered important for migratory birds. At these stations detailed data about each bird, both neo-tropical migrants and resident birds, are collected and used to help conserve avian populations. With declining populations and migratory birds having to content with factors such as climate change in both Latin and North America, establishing partnerships across political boundaries is a big step for conservation.  Read more about the natural history around CRBO, its accomplishments and partnerships by clicking here.