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Birding and Hiking Little Hyatt Lake

Join Shannon Rio for a leisurely day of hiking and birding the pacific crest trail into Little Hyatt Lake. This 8-mile hike starts at Hwy 66 where the PCT takes us through meadows and woods to our lunch spot of Little Hyatt. Migratory birds and resident birds are nesting in this area. The hike is level and rated easy. Upon arrival at the lake, we will enjoy lunch and whatever birds are visiting there. Usually, dippers are in Keene Creek and Osprey like to fish in the lake. Our hike will take us back to our vehicles via the road. Date: Saturday, July 2nd, 7 am – 3 pm.

News Release: Population and Habitat Objectives for Landbirds in Prairies, Oak, and Riparian Habitats of Western Oregon and Washington

The newly released conservation plan, Population and Habitat Objectives for Landbirds in Prairies, Oak, and Riparian Habitats of Western Oregon and Washington (Rockwell et al 2022), provides quantitative and multi-scaled population and habitat objectives for 26 focal and seven imperiled bird species. As the title suggests, the plan focuses on prairie, oak, and riparian habitats in the Puget Lowlands, Willamette Valley, and Klamath Mountains ecoregions of western Oregon and Washington. This document was prepared for the Oregon-Washington Chapter of Partners in Flight (PIF), Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Forest Service.

Bird Banding with Klamath Bird Observatory Scientists: Science in Action!

Come join a KBO biologist and the KBO interns for a bird banding experience out in the field. It has been said that bird banding is at once both a delicate art and precise science. It is a method of bird monitoring to track bird populations and demographic trends (characteristics of the population) over time. This is an amazing opportunity to meet some of our scientists in a small group setting, learn about bird banding and see some of Oregon’s birds up close. You will observe live-action science being done in the morning (mist-netting and data collection) with a light brunch (provided). Afterward, we will bird the scenic Wood River until early afternoon.

Halcyon Journey Presentation by Marina Richie

Join author Marina Richie for stories and excerpts from her new book, Halcyon Journey: In Search of the Belted Kingfisher—illustrated by Newport artist Ram Papish and published by Oregon State University Press. Richie’s narrative weaves natural history, myth, and memoir to illuminate the jay-sized bird of cocky crest, headfirst dive, and rattling cry. Ultimately, she reveals an inviting pathway for all seeking kinship with nature nearby. Note–this is the very first book to feature North America’s beloved Belted Kingfisher. This presentation will be hosted via Zoom on June 16th, 6 pm – 7:30 pm registration link in blog.

Beginner Birder Talk and Walk

Birding benefits your mood, your psychological well-being, your mental health, and your cognitive functioning. Join board member Amanda Alford to learn how to begin your birding journey or how to get back to your basics. The Talk will conclude with an in-depth look at just some of the species we are likely to see during our Walk at North Mountain Park. Come level up your birding skills and gain the confidence you need to have even more fun watching birds!

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Are you an Ashland Food Coop member? Klamath Bird Observatory is in the running to secure a month in the Ashland Food Coop Change for Good Program. To secure a spot we need to be in the top 10 nonprofit organizations and to do this we need you! Check your email from the Ashland Food Co-op for an email that was delivered on 5/24/22. This email has your ballot for the Change for Good Program! The email is titled: Ashland Food Co-op 2022 Elections. You will use the link in that email to vote for the Klamath Bird Observatory to help us become a Change for Good partner. You can vote for your top 10 of 20 favorite nonprofits. We can’t do this without you! The voting deadline is 6/6/22 at 9 pm. PLEASE VOTE and tell your friends. 

Voting is Open for the Change for Good Program!

Ashland Food Co-op (AFC) members are able to vote for their favorite nonprofits in AFC’s Change for Good Program.  Through this program, AFC helps local nonprofits raise money and outreach to the community.  Voting takes place 5/24/2022 through  6/6/2022 for MEMBERS ONLY.   If you are not a member and are thinking of becoming one, NOW would be a great time to join the Co-op so you can vote.  If you are already a member, check your email for a ballot and vote!

Klamath Bird Observatory Events and Updates

This time of year KBO has a calendar full of events. These events include Banding with KBO Scientists, Halcyon Journey presentation, and Beginner Birder talk and walk. KBO is in the running with other local nonprofits for the Ashland Food Co-op Change for Good Program. Only the top 11 nonprofits get the opportunity to participate. We need you to vote for KBO. Voting starts on May 24th. Check out the post to learn more about these fun and educational events, and how to vote for KBO!

Explore Shasta Valley with Shannon Rio

Take a ride with Shannon Rio as she takes through the majestic Shasta Valley. You will explore this wondrous land where wildlife and agriculture mix. The valley has wetlands, juniper forests, riparian forests, and crop lands all with the backdrop of Mount Shasta. Providing you with the opportunity to see a diversity of birds and other wildlife. Shannon enjoys taking the roads less traveled giving you an experience you won’t find anywhere else. There are two parts to this adventure a presentation on Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 pm and a field trip on Sunday, May 22nd. Sign up for one or both today!

Your Adventure Awaits!

Klamath Bird Observatory has several exciting events happening right around the corner. This coming Saturday KBO will be at North Mountain park for Rogue Valley Bird Day. This is a free family-friendly event with activities for everyone. Come say hello to KBO staff and our new interns that will be staffing the bird banding station. Don’t forget to reserve your spot for the Welcome to Shasta Valley Trip let by board member Shannon Rio. There is a presentation on May 19th and the field trip is on May 22nd. Now open for registration Beginner Bird Talk and Walk at Lower Table Rock with KBO board member Amanda Alford. The presentation is on June 9th and the field trip will be on June 11th. Both have the option to register for the presentation separately. Check out the post to register for these wonderful events.


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