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Klamath Call Note

KBO Has Filled Banding Internships for 2013

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Posted on Dec. 24, 2012 **These positions are now filled** Internship Title: Bird Banding Intern Stipend: $750 per month; housing and transportation between field sites provided Duration: May 1st 2013 to October 31st, 2013, minimum 3-month commitment, 6-month preferred Project Location: Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion of southern Oregon and northern California BIRD BANDING INTERNSHIP positions 1 May […]

Bird Counters Also Keep Eye on Climate Change

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By Brandon Breen, on Dec.7, 2012 Jaime Stephens, KBO’s Research and Monitoring Director, answered questions about the response of birds to climate change for an article in the Outdoor section of the Medford Mail Tribune. As the climate changes, Jaime explained, bird distributions will shift and this will lead to new competitive interactions among species […]

A Shuffling of Species

A reporter from Oregon State University’s Terra magazine is taken into the Bear Creek Watershed with Klamath Bird Observatory’s John Alexander to talk about biodiversity hotspots, climate change and partnerships. John discusses how KBO and its partners are working to create decision support tools for land managers. One example being computer models of species distribution […]

Region’s Oaks Ecologically Important

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Oak habitats support more biodiversity than any other habitat in southern Oregon, but they have been slowly fading away over the past century due, in large part, to fire suppression policies that have allowed conifers to encroach upon and ultimately replace oak stands. The Klamath Bird Observatory is dedicated to oak restoration and KBO’s Jaime […]

Birding is for the Humans

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By Brandon M Breen, Klamath Bird Observatory Outreach and Communications Specialist Occasionally, I forget just how much fun it is to go birding. And then I venture into the woods in the morning and the forest air and peacefulness begin to creep into me and the brightness of the blue sky makes me smile and […]

Bird Bio: Yellow-breasted Chat

By Ian Ausprey, Klamath Bird Observatory Research Biologist The Yellow-breasted Chat, one of our more charismatic riparian species, plays an important role in our region’s cultural and ecological heritage.  It is a Partners in Flight focal species for western riparian habitats, it is the “Salmon Grandmother” in local Native American mythology, responsible for bringing salmon […]

St. Mary’s Students Visit Banding Station

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By Brandon Breen, on Oct. 5, 2012 A high school environmental science class from St. Mary’s School visited the Klamath Bird Observatory banding station at Willow Wind to learn about bird banding, bird watching, and how studying birds gives us information about the health of our environment. See the Medford Mail Tribune article, or see just […]

The Hoopa Story of the Origin of the Yellow-breasted Chat

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“The mythical hero Yimantuwinyai knew that salmon existed, but had been searching for them in vain until Mink came and told him that a woman had all the world’s salmon penned up across the ocean at the edge of the world. Yimantuwinyai collected some madrone berries and then journeyed to that place where she lived. […]

Bird Bio: Pacific-slope Flycatcher

Bird Bio: Pacific-slope Flycatcher By: Jenna Curtis, KBO Research and Monitoring Intern Formerly grouped with the Cordilleran Flycatcher as “Western Flycatchers”, the Pacific-slope Flycatcher (Empidonax difficilis) was recognized as a unique species in 1989. Though vocally and morphologically distinct, it is still challenging for many birders to distinguish this species from the visually similar Cordilleran. In fact, the Pacific-slope Flycatcher’s name “difficilis” […]

Federal Cuts Trim Aftermath Gold Ray Studies

County officials are in search of new funding after the federal budget cuts caused NOAA-fisheries to pull its $275,000 grant. This money was allocated to the final two years of a five year study to monitor the effects on the Rogue River after the 2010 Gold Ray Dam removal. Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board has granted […]