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Klamath Call Note

Bird Bio: the Song Sparrow

Bird Bio: the Song Sparrow The Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia) is a familiar bird year round in our region. It has the conical, seed-crunching bill typical of sparrows, and can be identified by its brown cap, gray supercilium (“eyebrow”), brown streak extending behind the eye, and strong brown lateral throat stripe. Additionally, it has heavy brown striping along the sides of its white or gray breast. These […]

Bird Bio– Townsend’s Solitaire

Bird Bio– Townsend’s Solitaire By: Deborah Zierten, KBO Education Intern Distribution: Generally found in mountainous areas throughout the west from central Mexico to Alaska. Habitat: Breeds in montane coniferous forests on steep rocky slopes at moderate to high elevations Feeding: Flycatches (catch insects in the air) from exposed perches, in the non-breeding season they feed mostly on berries. […]

Celebrating Migratory Birds

Klamath Bird Observatory will join the North Mountain Park Nature Center and the Rogue Valley Audubon Society at the Nature Center to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day. This free family event will run from 8:00am until noon on Saturday May 8th. Here you can enjoy bird friendly shade-grown coffee, go on a bird walk, learn […]

Taking Wing for Klamath Bird Observatory

The Mail Tribune introduces the Klamath Bird Observatory and its latest accomplishment of receiving the U.S. Forest Service’s National Taking Wing Award with one of its partners, Redwoods Sciences Laboratory in Arcata, CA. This is the first time the Taking Wing Award has been awarded to an organization that focuses on land bird research. This […]

One Good Tern…..

Four teams of birders, the Old Flickers, Swifts, Falcons and Coots covered Jackson County competing to see as many bird species as possible for the first               Rogue-Valley Birding Challenge. The teams tried to identify as many birds as possible by sight or sound between the hours of 4:00am […]