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Rest Stop

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During the spring and summer many birds are migrating thousands of miles and often right over our homes. Along the way birds use “rest stops” to eat food, drink and rest. Migration itself is the most dangerous part of a bird’s life but now, with ever changing landscapes many places that used to  provide birds with food, water and shelter along their journey are drained, paved and developed.

Landowners play a significant role in protecting habitat and bird populations. About 50% of the land in the Western U.S. and 80% in the Great Plains is privately owned. Klamath Bird Observatory’s director John Alexander says “Just having hedgerows, diversifying crops, or changing when you mow can make a difference.” Because each species of bird has its own specific needs, no matter what type of landscape you have it can probably be used by birds. Planting native, seasonal species and flowering plants can provide substrate and food for many species.

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