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See Bird Conservation In Action!

| KBO |

American Robin with just-applied leg band. Photo credit: KBO

Klamath Bird Observatory is hosting a bird banding demonstration at our Sevenmile Guard Station long-term monitoring site (on Fremont-Winema National Forest) Monday August 1st. KBO biologists will be conducting bird banding and sharing captured birds and the valuable information they provide before their release.

The Sevenmile Guard Station site is one of the longest continuously operated bird monitoring stations in the region, established in 1996. Recently-fledged thrushes, sparrows, and warblers can be expected as well as early-migrating individuals of almost anything!

See our Bird Banding Demonstration Invitation for more info and directions. Snacks, drinks, and updates on how KBO and our partners are helping shape bird conservation and informing land management. Please RSVP to Bob Frey by July 26th.

Hope to see you there!