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Spring Birds of Malheur Trip

ambi                  June 5th-8th, 2014

Join professional birding guide and KBO board president, Harry Fuller, and hawk expert and longtime KBO board member, Dick Ashford, for a trip to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a world-renowned birding destination and the largest wetland in eastern Oregon.

This Klamath Bird Observatory conservation outing is truly an unforgettable trip. We should see Bobolinks, Sage Sparrows, and Eastern Kingbirds, and the area provides important breeding grounds for Sandhill Crane, Swainson’s and Ferruginous Hawk, Prairie Falcon and more! This special outing is limited to 10 participants. Register soon before spaces fill.

$500 (includes lodging, two evening bird presentations, two dinners, three breakfasts, & $300 tax-deductible donation)

Carpooling in four vehicles, gas costs shared among participants

Bring lunches, snacks, drinks, and a potluck dinner dish. Three breakfasts and two dinners are included.

To Register
Call or email Brandon for details at (612) 910-6502 or bmb AT

Your Support Makes a Difference
Klamath Bird Observatory takes pride in conservation leadership and our internationally recognized conservation model. In our fundraising outings we combine a celebration of birds with the commitment needed to ensure their continued survival. Your participation in these outings not only puts you in touch with incredible displays of nature; it also makes a positive contribution to bird and habitat conservation. We are grateful for your support.