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Upcoming events

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Check out these exciting upcoming events this week!

Talks and Walks

There are still a few spaces left for a very special Great Gray Owl Talk and Walk with KBO Board President Harry Fuller! Join us this Wednesday, February 18th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at KBO Headquarters and Saturday, February 21st, field trip location and time TBD. Contact KBO Board Member Shannon Rio at to sign up! Can’t make it to Ashland, Oregon this week? Don’t forget to register for the 2015 Mountain Bird Festival to catch the Great Gray Owl and other mountain specialties in action!

Migratory Birds Guiding Our Journey: 100 years of conservation213 056 Common Yellowthroat 06 in the United States

For a historically-informed and forward-looking narrative by the charismatic leader of Klamath Bird Observatory, Dr. John D. Alexander, be sure to head to Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum Thursday, February 19 at 7:00 p.m. Birds are certainly captivating, but did you know they are also incredibly accurate indicators of the complex health of our lands and waters? Recreational birders and professional ornithologists, by observing birds and telling their stories, have had a profound influence on nature conservation. The messages of birds have reached and inspired great individuals such as Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, and Rachel Carson, and shaped a rich American history of culture and policies that have made great progress in safeguarding our natural heritage. Now, we can build upon these successes by taking the tradition of observation-based science to the next level with state of the art technologies.  Birds serve as the bellwethers of our own well-being – our environmental, economic, and social well-being is inseparably tied to the fate of our birds.  Bird observatories serve as centers through which we can all work together to achieve a sustained conservation legacy, keeping our tradition of Natural History and Field Biology alive and well, and ensuring its practice informs effective conservation and helps us to realize tangible benefits for birds and people. Enjoy Dr. Alexander’s new and exciting visualizations that will stretch your imagination and enrich your appreciation of some of our most spectacular journeyers – migratory birds.

Click here for a copy of the event flyer.