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Wanted: Mountain Bird Festival Volunteers

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weki_livaudaisKlamath Bird Observatory is looking for a few more key volunteers, also known as Festival Kingbirds, to help us organize our first-ever Mountain Bird Festival.

Specifically, we’re looking to fill the following positions:

Sponsorship Kingbird

This position will focus on approaching potential sponsors and securing sponsorships for the festival.

Promotional Kingbird

This position will be in charge of marketing and promotions for the festival, and will work to put Mountain Bird Festival announcements in key publications.

Fine Art Kingbird

This position will approach local artists for donations for the festival’s Fine Art Auction, and will coordinate the delivery of these art pieces to the festival.

Merchandise Kingbird

This position will explore merchandise options and then place orders for festival merchandise, such as t-shirts, caps, and tote bags.

Destination Lunch Kingbird

This position will plan and coordinate destination lunches for festival birdwatchers at a few sites throughout area.

Festival Brochure Kingbird

This position will organize the content for the festival brochure and help with the creation of the brochure.

Support Kingbird

This position will be our jack-of-all-trades kingbird. The Support Kingbird will help out during festival preparation with a variety of small tasks.

All positions will be supported by the Great Gray Owls (i.e., festival coordinators).

Click here to volunteer and get in touch with your inner kingbird!

We’d love your support.