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Year of the Bird: December Call to Action-Sharing Your Love of Birds!

The Year of the Bird has almost come to an end. As we finish out 2018, the last monthly call to action is about thanks and sharing your love of birds this holiday season with the people in your life. Over the past year, The Year of the Bird has focused on planting native plants, avoiding plastic, participating in community science, making your home bird-friendly, and many more ways to help bird populations around the world. Thank you for participating! During this holiday season, share the ways you love birds with those around you. This could be done in many forms, such as taking someone on a bird walk, sharing birding photography, gifting a bird-related present, or donating to a conservation group. Although the year is coming to an end, supporting healthy bird populations should not. End this year by sharing with others the joys birds bring to you.

CLICK HERE to visit Klamath Bird Observatory’s website to make an end-of-the-Year of the Bird Donation.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Year of the Bird.