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You Can Make a Difference! – KBO Annual Appeal

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Each time I step outside into nature, especially wild places, I am grateful. Golden-crowned and White-crowned sparrows herald the season with their fall arrival. As I wander through higher-elevation pine forests or the oak woodland around the valley, I am filled with awe and deep appreciation for the miracle of trees. Western Screech-Owls sing a nighttime sound. The day brings bird calls and young birds singing some fragment of the song that they will belt out when next spring arrives. Being outside is a gift, one that I want to preserve, cherish, protect, and pass on in its fullness to the next generation. I look to ways to give back to nature.

My association with the Klamath Bird Observatory has spanned many years. During that time, my awareness and appreciation for the part that science plays in protecting birds and wild places has deepened. By visiting the banding station where information related to migratory birds is gathered, I have understood the hard work of data collection. I have learned that it directly results in protection of birds and migratory pathways. When I meet the scientists and interns who come to Klamath Bird Observatory to do this meaningful work, the essence of conservation becomes REAL to me.

Members of the board of KBO give our time, energy, and money because we want to give back for all that we get from this organization. Though each board member has made significant contributions to KBO this year, each one of us plans during our annual appeal to do it again. Join us in giving, in cherishing the land and enjoying the birds. The next time you walk in the woods, feel good that you are a member of our conservation family and that YOU make a difference.

Shannon Rio
President, Board of Directors

Click here to donate to Klamath Bird Observatory’s Annual Appeal