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Planned Giving: Leaving Your Legacy

Dick Ashford bio cropped (72ppi 4x)There are many ways to make a lasting donation to Klamath Bird Observatory that ensure your passion for science and conservation lives on in your memory. If you are looking for additional ways to donate please consider Klamath Bird Observatory’s planned giving options listed on the back of this pamphlet. For more information contact KBO and speak with your financial advisor.

More ways to give


Recurring Gifts
Klamath Bird Observatory gratefully accepts recurring donations. To set up your monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly donation, contact us today.

Stock Donations
Donate stocks and other securities to KBO. Donors avoid paying capital gains tax while receiving an income tax deduction.

Name KBO as a beneficiary in your will with a bequest that specifies a gift amount or a percentage of your estate. You can also name KBO as a secondary beneficiary, in case your heirs do not survive you. Add KBO to an existing will using a simple amendment or codicil.

Real Estate Gift
A gift of property, be it a residence, vacation home, acreage, or vacant lot, will be used by KBO or sold with proceeds benefiting our organization.

Retirement Accounts
Name KBO as a beneficiary on your 401k, IRA, and/or Roth IRA retirement accounts.

Set up a named-endowment that will continue to grow with regular designated gifts, providing KBO with a steady source of earnings for years to come.

Speak to your financial advisor or contact KBO by clicking here.

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