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Information & Handouts

We have produced a series of community handouts–brief and informative guides and tip sheets for a variety of bird and habitat conservation issues. Some focus on our Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion and others are general topics for our wider community.

A Checklist of Bird Species Detected along the Bear Creek Riparian Corridor, Ashland, Oregon

This species list was generated using the Avian Knowledge Network Phenology Tool. The tool generates a graph that provides our best understanding of when birds are most likely to be present in a selected area. The graphs presented in this checklist represent birds within the Bear Creek corridor from Clay Creek to Ashland Ponds in Ashland.

Birdwatching in Riparian Habitats of Ashland, Oregon

A Case Study in Urban Habitat Restoration at Willow Wind Community Learning Center Early morning birdwatching in Ashland, Oregon. Photo By Nick Viani

Window Collisions

Reducing Bird Collisions with Windows provides information about how to reduce bird collisions with windows. In the US alone, millions of birds die each year from colliding with windows. The guide includes several suggestions for simple solutions we all can do to help turn this problem around.

Find a Band

If you find a dead bird with a metal band, color-bands, or any other marker or device attached, please report your finding at the Bird Banding Laboratory website.

Injured and Baby Birds

Klamath Bird Observatory does not rehabilitate wildlife. If you do encounter an injured or apparently abandoned bird it is best to leave it alone, unless it is in immediate danger.

Cats and Wildlife

Offers information about the problem of cats and wildlife and a how-to list for what can be done to help.

Bird Feeding

How to Safely Feed Birds – offers several tips for safe and responsible bird feeding. Hanging bird feeders is a great way to get to know your avian neighbors, brush up on your birding skills, and help birds.

Birdify Your Yard!

Offers several home landscaping suggestions for attracting birds and includes a list of bird-friendly native plants for the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion.

Safe Nest Boxes

Unsurprisingly, different birds have different nesting needs and it’s important to provide safe nest boxes appropriate for the birds you want to attract. Specifications for common box-nesting species and a list of additional resources are included.

Shared Birds of Ashland and Guanajuato

Conserving Our Natural and Cultural Heritage celebrates the migratory birds that occur in both Ashland and sister city Guanajuato, Mexico.

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